With Worksphere Visitors, you can automatically notify your employees when visitors arrive to see them.

How host check-in notifications work

To alert employees when their visitor arrives, Worksphere needs two pieces of information: First, which employee is the visitor meeting? And second, what is that employee’s contact information? When a visitor signs in, the visitor will type the employee’s name in the host field. Then, Worksphere will locate the employee’s contact information in your employee directory and send the host notification. Host notifications save the time it takes to email, message, or call employees when their visitors arrive.

Tip: As a Worksphere administrator, you will need to populate the directory before starting to use host notifications. See our article on Adding Employees for more information on adding your employee directory. 

Who receives host check-in notifications?

The host for the visit can be selected via several different methods: 

  1. When you create a Visitor Invite, you can select a host from the employee directory. 
  2. When a visitor checks-in via the QR code scan, they can select a host from the list. 
  3. If no host is selected, you can set up default emails to be notified (i.e. 'frontdesk@yourorg.com') to receive check-in notifications.

Configuring who receives host notifications

Option 1:  ONLY the host received notifications, unless no host is selected. Keep this toggle in the 'ON' position if you would only like the host to be notified of visitor arrival.  If no host is selected, you can provide additional emails that will be notified of a visitor check-in.

IMPORTANT: These are configured per location.

Option 2: When this toggle is in the 'OFF' position, the host AND the additional emails provided will be notified of every check-in.

What notifications will hosts receive? 

When an invite is sent, hosts receives a notification via email that they've invited a visitor the office.

When the visitor checks in (using the QR code) the host receives a notification via email that the visitor has arrived.