Add your team members to Worksphere so they (and you) can start scheduling in-office time.  

Once you have completed Adding your Office Location Details and adding Worksphere as an approved email sender you will add employees.

From the Home screen, select "Add" next to "Add Employees." You can also navigate to the "Employees" page.

You can either add an individual employee, or batch upload multiple employees through CSV import. This article covers both options. 

Employees will receive invites to Worksphere as soon as they are added to the system with complete information.  

To add individual employees

  1. From the Employees page, select "+ New Employee" at the top right.
  2. Enter Employee Details. Refer to chart below for field information and requirements.
  3. Click 'Create Employee"

To add employees through CSV import 

  1. From the Employees page, select "Import Employees" at top right.
  2. Download Template file.
  3. Watch this help video and follow instructions to fill out CSV file. Refer to the chart above to understand field information and requirements.
  4. If you have enabled Vaccination records, see the article on setting up vaccination records  if you'd like to upload vaccination status by CSV. If these columns are left blank, employees will be prompted to add their vaccination record when they sign in the first time.
  5. Upload your CSV file.

  • The Office Location, Floor, and Zone information in your CSV must exactly match the information you entered in your office setup. To download a list of Office, Floor and Zone names, go to Reports > Office Capacities Report.   
  • Uploading existing employees will overwrite the information in the Worksphere system with the information that is in the CSV. See below "To Update Employees through CSV Import."

To update employee info through CSV import

  1. If you already have employees in the system, we recommend starting by exporting the employee info CSV file. This will ensure that you are working with the most up-to-date information and any edits you've made directly in the system will be saved.
  2. On the Employee Page the export button is located at the top right. Click 'Export' and 'Download CSV'. 
  3. Update the CSV file. 
  4. Click on "Import Employees" at top right. 
  5. Upload the CSV file. You will receive a message indicating how many records have been added or updated. 


  • Can I upload employees without sending them invites? Once employees are added with complete information they are sent invites. Generally we recommend waiting until you are ready to send invites to upload your CSV. If you are testing the system, you can optionally add employees with fake emails or add fake employee data that you can update or delete later. 
  • Will I be charged for all employees that are uploaded? No, you will only be charged for active employees. Active employees are users who are on at least one in-office schedule (regardless of schedule status) during a calendar month. If your employees are not on a schedule you will not be charged.
  • My employee didn't get an invite. How can I resend? From the Employee page use the check boxes to select employees you want to re-send invites to. At the top, select "Re-send Invite" button. If your employee still has not received their invite, check to make sure their email address was entered correctly and that their employee data is filled out. Next, have them check their SPAM box for an email from
  • How do I delete employees? From the Employee page use the check boxes to select employees you want to delete. At the top, select the "Delete" button. Once employees are deleted this action cannot be undone. Deleted employees will be removed from all schedules. 
  • How can I see which employees have accepted their invite? On the Employee Page in the far right 'Status' column you can see which employees are Invited or Active. Invited employees have received their invites but have not yet accepted. Active employees have accepted their invites and logged into Worksphere. 
  • One of my employee records says "Details Missing" under the Seat Assignment. How do I fix this? Employees with missing seating details will not be able to schedule. To resolve this, open the employee record by clicking on the employee and update their Workspace Info section.