This optional feature automates collecting vaccination record information from your employees.  You must be a Worksphere admin to enable this feature and to view employee vaccination records. 

When enabled, our vaccine record management feature enables you to: 

  1. Invite your employees to attest to their vaccination status and upload their vaccination dates, vaccine type, and healthcare provider. 
  2. Optionally ask employees to upload an image of their CDC Vaccination Record Card. 
  3. Optionally turn off daily wellness surveys for employees that are fully immunized (2 weeks past their final vaccination dose).  
  4. Optionally block employees whose vaccination status is "Not Vaccinated" or "Unknown" from scheduling in the office. 

Employee Vaccination Record Collection

  1. Navigate to the Settings Page.
  2. Go to the "Wellness" tab. Scroll down to "Vaccine Records"
  3. Vaccine Records (Self-Attestation): Switch the toggle to the right of "Vaccine Records" to the ON position. You will see a message pop up in the bottom left of your screen indicating Vaccine Records are enabled.
  4. Vaccinated Employees: If you would like to stop sending wellness surveys to fully vaccinated employees 2 weeks after their final vaccine dose switch the toggle to the right of "Vaccinated Employees" to the ON position. If this is kept off vaccinated employees will receive surveys if they are enabled for your office location. 
  5. Vaccine Cards: If employees must submit visual proof of vaccination click 'Edit' next to vaccine proof.  Select the locations that require proof of vaccination. This will ask employees assigned to those locations for proof. Please consult with your local regulations to ensure compliance. 
  6. Restrict Scheduling: If you would like to restrict scheduling to employees who have completed their vaccination record, switch the toggle to the right of "Restrict Scheduling" to the ON position.  You will see a message pop up in the bottom left of your screen indicating Restrict Scheduling is enabled and only employees who have attested that they are fully vaccinated will be able to schedule in office.   

Employee experience: 

  1. When employees log in they will see a prompt at the top of their dashboard to complete their vaccination record.
  2. When employee clicks 'Continue' it will bring them to a secure portal where they can input information about the following:
    • Vaccination Status: Can be Fully Vaccinated, Partially Vaccinated, Not Vaccinated, or Unknown.
    • COVID-19 Vaccination Type: Pfizer BioNTech, Moderna, or Janssen (J&J).
    • Dose dates: Date that vaccines were administered.
    • Healthcare Professional or Clinic Site: Where you received your vaccine, this information can be found on your CDC Proof of Vaccination card.
    • Proof of Vaccination: If you have turned on the feature to collect the Vaccination Record Card, they will also be able to upload images of their vaccination card for each dose. 

  3. Once the employee clicks 'Submit' this information is recorded in their Employee Record. Admins can access employee records from the 'Employees' page to make edits or changes.

    4. If Restrict Scheduling is enabled and an employee's vaccination status is 'Unknown' or 'Not Vaccinated' employees must update their vaccinations status before scheduling. Employees will see a message that they are required to be fully vaccinated to use the office, and prompting them to edit their vaccination record in order to create a schedule. 


  • Are COVID-19 vaccines safe for my employees? The FDA makes the final determination if a vaccine is safe for use in the United States.  They have established rigorous standards for COVID-19 vaccine development. You can read more about vaccine safety and monitoring from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

  • Can employees self-attest without uploading their vaccination card? Vaccination Record Card upload is an optional step that is determined on a company level. You can choose not to request Vaccination Record Cards from your employees.

  • Do I have to use this feature? No, this is a fully optional feature and it is set OFF by default. You have to take action to turn this feature on for your employees. 

  • Can I still collect this information if I want vaccines to be optional? Yes, you can turn on vaccine tracking for your workplace in Worksphere for all employees. This will not force employees to report their vaccination status in order to use Worksphere.

  • How does Worksphere keep vaccine information private? The security of your employee data security is our top priority. Worksphere meets all state regulations for personal data security. You can read more about our data security standards here. Access to employee vaccination records is limited to admin users only in the system. No other employees will have access to view vaccine status.