Learn how to send an email invite to scheduled visitors and configure your invitation email.

Visitor invites improve the sign-in process for expected guests to your office. With invites, you can send a custom message for each office location, alert your team of expected guests, and speed up the sign-in process - all in one easy step. This article outlines how your team can utilize invites. 

How invites work

When you know a guest is coming to your office, you can create an invite for that visitor with Worksphere. To create an invite you fill out a digital form with information about the visit.  When an invite is created, it will appear on the Visitor dashboard, where all admin users can see it. Employees can see guests that have them listed as the host. 

When an invited visitor scans the QR code to check-in for their visit, they'll enter their email. Once they enter their email, Worksphere will "recognize" them and the information you provided on the invite will appear automatically. If you left any fields blank when you created the invite your guest can fill those in themselves. 

Set up who can invite visitors

Visitor invite emails

The invite email provides some standard information about the visit, including:

  • Your organization's name 
  • Host name (if provided)
  • Visit purpose
  • Visit date and time
  • Visit location

Admins can set up a default message for each office location on the Visitor Settings page. This default message can be edited and customized for each visit prior to sending the invite. (See content of email below staring with "this is where the default message..."

If you have Visitor Screening enabled, the invite email may also include a link to complete the screening (if the visit is <24 hours away)

Setting Up Your Default Message 

Each office location can have a different default message. This allows you to set customized information for each location, like parking instructions, building entry instructions, contact info, etc. To set your default message, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the 'Visitors' tab on the Settings page. 
  2. Select which office location you'd like to set the default message for from the drop-down at the top of the page.
  3. Scroll down to the section titled 'Default message for visitor invitation'.
  4. Click 'Edit'.
  5. Update the messaging. Note that you can provide links and format the message.
  6. Repeat steps 1-5 for each office location. 

Continue to the next session to learn more about editing the message before sending the invite. 

Creating Your Visitor Invite 

Any admin user can create and send visitor invites. 

  1. From the Visitors page, click '+New Invite' at the top right. 
  2. Fill out the information requested in the form. ( * indicates a required field) 
    • Visitor email address *
    • Visitor name *
    • Visitor phone number
    • Visitor organization name
    • Date of visit *
    • Visit start time *
    • Visit purpose *
    • Duration of visit 
    • Office location *
    • Host name
  3. Once you select the office location, a field will appear that contains the default message. You can edit the message to customize it for the specific visitor.

  4. Once you've added all the details, click "Send Invite" to invite the visitor via email. The invite will be sent to the address you provided immediately. If a host is selected, they will also receive a notification of the visit. See our article on host notification for more details.