How to download your employee emails from Google Workspace (formerly GSuite) so you can upload them via CSV to Worksphere. 

Please refer to the article 'Add Employees' for next steps once you've downloaded your CSV from Google. 

  1. You need to be a Google Workspace admin to access these records.

  2. Navigate to your admin portal:

  3. Click on 'Users'

  4. At the top of the employee list, click 'Download Users'

  5. Select 'All user info columns and currently selected columns'

  6. Click "Download"

  7. Once you've downloaded your report, you will need to copy and paste relevant data into the Worksphere CSV template. You can download that template here: These are the columns you should copy/paste:
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Email Address
    • Manager Email
    • Work Phone
    • Department 
    • If you have data, you can also get information on Building ID, Floor Name, and Floor Section from Google Workspace. 

  8. Once you've added the data from Google Workspace, update the following columns with additional info and seating assignment. You can find a complete list of your office locations, floors and zones in the Office Capacities Report (Reports > Office Capacities):
    • Department
    • Team
    • Office Location (this may come from Google Workspace)
    • Floors (this may come from Google Workspace)
    • Zones
    • Seat ID
    • Seat Assignment (data in column should be Yes/No/Remote)

  9. Please refer to the article 'Add Employees' for next steps once your CSV is ready for upload.