Learn how to set your vaccination status and upload proof of vaccination with Worksphere. 

NOTE: You will only need to complete this step if it has been enabled by your workplace admin.

  1. Log into Worksphere.
  2. From your dashboard, you will see a prompt to complete your vaccination record. Click "Continue"

3. Select your vaccination status from the dropdown menu. Your options are "Fully vaccinated" or "Not vaccinated". You cannot complete your vaccination record if you have only received your first dose in a 2-dose series. If you do not complete this your vaccination status will be listed as "Unknown".
4. If you have selected "Fully vaccinated" the system will prompt you to enter the date of your final vaccine dose. Select a date from the calendar. 

5. If your admin has enabled it, the system will prompt you to upload proof of vaccination. Please upload any image file (PNG, JPG, SVG) under 3MB. Worksphere does not accept PDFs.You will be able to upload multiple images if you have multiple cards or documents.

IMPORTANT: Only provide an immunization record showing your vaccine administration date(s) and name, like the CDC provided vaccination card. Do not include any additional medical or family history information. 

6. Click "Submit". 

7. If you would like to update your vaccination status or record after you have completed your submission, you can access your vaccination record under Settings > Wellness > My Vaccination.


  • Are COVID-19 vaccines safe? The FDA makes the final determination if a vaccine is safe for use in the United States.  They have established rigorous standards for COVID-19 vaccine development. You can read more about vaccine safety and monitoring from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

  • Do I have to use this feature? No, this is a fully optional feature and it is set OFF by default. You have to take action to turn this feature on for your employees. 

  • How does Worksphere keep vaccine information private? The security of your employee data security is our top priority. Worksphere meets all state regulations for personal data security. You can read more about our data security standards here. Access to employee vaccination records is limited to admin users only in the system. No other employees will have access to view vaccine status.