Set up and configure your office locations to create workspaces for your employees. 

Once you have completed your Organization Set Up you will set up your Office Locations. From the screen below click "Start" next to "Add office location details". 

This will take you to the "Offices" page. This will be populated with the office location names you entered during your organization set up. You can also navigate to this page from the "Offices" link in the menu on left. From this page admins can view, edit, delete, or add new office locations.  Click "Setup" on the office location you would like to set up. 

1. Office Info
  • Enter the office location address and select from the auto-fill options provided. The time zone will auto-fill based on address location. 
  • Use the toggle button to indicate if this is a headquarters. Organizations can have multiple headquarters. 

2. Floors
  • Enter the number of floors for this office location. You will be able to create floor names on the next step.

3. Workspaces
  • Name your floors and enter total capacity. This should be the total capacity possible on the floor. You will have an opportunity to limit this capacity in the following steps.  
  • If creating zones, select "add zones" and enter the name and capacity of each zone. 
  • See our article on Zones for more information on options and best practices. Note: The total capacity of all the zones must equal the total capacity of the floor. 

4. Upload Floor Maps (Optional)
  • Uploading a static floor map is optional. Employees can view these maps from their dashboard.      

5. Flexible Workspaces (Optional)
  • Indicate whether or not you would like some or all of your floors or zones to be flexible. 
  • Flexible workspaces can be booked on a first-come, first-served basis by employees who do not have assigned seats, or by remote employees. 
  • Employees with assigned seats will be booked into flexible workspaces if their normally assigned zone is at capacity. 
  • See our article on how to use flexible seating for more details.

6. Limit Capacity (Optional)
  • From the Limited Capacity page, indicate whether or not you will be limiting capacity at this office location. (If you are not, simply click “next” and you are done setting up this location!)
  • Select from the menu whether you will be limiting capacity by office, floor, or zone. Setting capacity by zone is recommended as it gives the highest level of control over the configuration of that specific zone. 
    • If you are limiting capacity by office or floor only, enter the percent of capacity you would like to have as your limit.
    • If limiting by zone, enter the capacity limit for each zone, and you will be able to see what your overall capacity is for that floor. From this screen, you will also be able to set capacity limits for any floors which do not have zones. 

Click “finish” and repeat the process beginning at Step 3, for any additional offices.