Employees must complete a wellness surveys before the arrive at the office if they are enabled for your organization and office location.   

Watch this video to learn more:

Wellness surveys allow your company screen people for symptoms of illness prior to arrival at the workplace and set criteria for coming on-site. Employees must certify that they are symptom-free before they head to the office. Wellness surveys also provide a helpful reminder to stay home when you are not feeling 100% well. 

When & Notifications
  • Your organization admin will select the time and day when wellness surveys are sent out. This may be the day before or the day of your in-office schedule. 
  • You will be notified via email to take your wellness survey.
  • If the survey has not been competed by the deadline (set by your admin), a reminder notification will go out. Managers and Admins are copied on this reminder, so it's recommended to take the survey prior to this reminder notification. 

    Where & How
  • You can take your survey by click on the "Take Survey" button in the email, or you can go to your employee dashboard page to find the "Take Survey" button. Note that this button will not appear until the time and day specified by your organization admin.
  • Questions are Yes/No
  • Wellness survey responses are private and secure. None of your response information is stored or transmitted, only the "Pass" or "Fail" result is viewable, and only by the admin team. 

What happens if I fail the survey?
If you fail the survey your admin team will be notified.

Can I just not take the survey if I decide not to come in?
You can always opt-out of an in office schedule. If you are not feeling well and may have exposed other team members we advise you to let your employer know so they can take action.