This article goes over how to update and edit employee vaccination records, including setting employees to vaccine "exempt" status. 

To access and edit employee vaccination records you must be a Global Admin or a Health & Safety Admin.  Please reference our article about admin roles if you'd like to learn more.

To set an employee's vaccination record as exempt you must have Vaccination Record collection enabled for your workplace. Please reference our article on Setting up Vaccination Records if you'd like to learn more.. 


Global and Health & Safety Admins can set an employee's vaccination status to exempt via the vaccination record on their employee profile. 

  1. Navigate to the 'Employees' page and open the record for the employee that you'd like to edit (you can open an employee record by clicking on their name).
  2. Click on the "Vaccination" tab of their employee profile.
    Note: Only Global and Health & Safety admins will be able to see this tab.

  3. In the drop-down for 'Employee Vaccination Status' select 'Exempt'.

  4. Optionally provide a reason for exemption. 
  5. Click 'Update'.

Vaccine Status Report

From the Reports dashboard, you'll be able to view what % of your employees have been set to vaccination 'Exempt' status.  In the Vaccine Record Report, you can filter for exempt employees using the 'Status' filter.  


  • Can an employee set themself to exempt? No, only Global Admins and Health & Safety Admins can make this selection on the employee record. 

  • Will exempt employees still be prompted to enter their vaccination record on their Dashboard?  No, once an exemption has been entered for the employee they will no longer be prompted to add their vaccine details from their dashboard. If you have restricted scheduling in your office to only Fully Vaccinated employees, they will be blocked from scheduling in the office until they have updated their status. 

  • Can an employee add a vaccination record in the future or change their status to Fully or Partially Vaccinated, after being set to exempt? Yes, employees can update their status and choose to enter vaccine details in the future after being set to exempt. 

  • Can employees see that they've been set to exempt? Yes, once an employee has been set to exempt they'll be able to see that status. However, they will not be able to select the status on their own if they've made a change, then want to move back to that status.