Note: You do not need the API package from Rippling to proceed with the following instructions. 

  1. As a prerequisite, you'll need Global Admin privileges in Worksphere and Super Admin privileges in Rippling to manage other admins.
  2. Navigate to the Settings page in the left-hand side bar on your Rippling dashboard.
  3. Select Permissions.
  4. At the top, select Permission Profiles.

  5. Click New Permission Profile in the top right. Use the information below:
    • Profile Name: Worksphere Admin
    • Select a template or start from scratch: Start from scratch  
  6. Under 'Who do you want to assign this profile to?' 
    • Select 3rd Party User 
    • + Add 3rd Party User
    • Enter the following information:
  7. Define Permission Scope: The entire company.
  8. For which apps should this permission profile administer: Choose specific apps or categories.

  9. Under Rippling Services, select HR Management > I-9/E-Verify, then click Continue.
  10. Specify the data this profile can access.

    • Personal data access: View basic and non-sensitive personal data
      • Why? This gives us access to their personal email, which connects their user ID in our system. 

    • Employment data access: View basic and non-sensitive employment data
      • Why? This gives us access to Department, Start date, Work email address, and Employment status.
  11. Click 'Continue'. 

  12. Select third-party apps: Select none.

  13. Save Permission profile.

  14. Let Worksphere know when this step is complete.