Automatically send wellness surveys and reminders to screen for COVID-19 symptoms in employees scheduled to be in-office.  Responses are private, secure and HIPAA compliant.

When enabled, wellness surveys are automatically sent by email to employees scheduled to be in office. These surveys ask screening questions to verify if your employees have COVID-19 symptoms before arriving to the office. Survey questions can be customized. The survey answers are not stored and only a Pass/Fail result is provided, avoiding issues of storing or transmitting employee health data.

To enable and configure your Wellness Surveys:
  1. Navigate to the Survey page.  
  2. At the top right, select "Wellness Survey Settings". 
  3. Next to "Locations Enabled" click "Edit". Select the offices where you would like employees to receive surveys.
  4. Once you've enabled locations, click "Edit" next to "Survey Email". You can set the time and day (day before or day of the employee schedule) when the survey email will go out to employees. The survey will be available starting at that time.  If you do not edit the time this will default to 10am the day before the schedule. 
  5. Edit the reminder email time. This should be the deadline for taking the survey. This reminder email is sent to the employee, the employee's manager, and organization admins to alert them that the employee has not yet taken their survey.  If you do not edit the time this will default to 10am the day of the schedule. 
  6. Employees that have an in-office schedule at an enabled location will automatically receive the survey.  

To update the questions and response text on your Wellness Survey: 
1. Worksphere's default survey questions are based on CDC-recommended screening questions. To download a copy of our default questions click here
2. Select "Edit Survey" on the top right.
3. You can edit the question text, add links (for example, to internal policies), and determine which answer (Yes or No) will result in a survey fail.
4. You can also edit the "Pass" and "Fail" messages your employees are shown after they complete the survey. This is a good area to link and include any policies or next steps that are specific to your organization.

Survey Pass/Fail
Employees will see if they've passed or failed the survey. The text is customizable in the survey builder. They can access these pass/fail badges from their dashboard by clicking on the 'Survey' button again. 

Survey Results Report
Organization admins will automatically get notified by email of any failed results. Admins can view survey results from the "Surveys" page. Results are "Pass," "Fail," or "Incomplete". Incomplete will show for any individual who has not yet taken their survey.  


  • What happens if an employee makes a mistake on a question? There is a slight delay where employees have the option to re-take the survey if they've made a mistake. The results will indicate that it was a survey re-take. 
  • Are employee schedules automatically cancelled if they fail their survey? No, every organization has different policies for employees reporting illness. Schedules can be manually cancelled by admins, managers, or employees if needed.  
  • Is there any way for employees to provide a visual verification that they have taken the survey? Yes, to access the Pass/Fail card employees can click on the "Survey" button to view the completed survey result.