This article describes how to set up email filters in Microsoft Outlook so Worksphere Admins only receive notifications for select notifications. 


  1. From select the Settings gear icon in the top right. 

  2. Scroll down to ‘View all Outlook settings” 

  3. On the Mail Rules tab, select New Rule.

  4. Name your rule (we recommend something like “Worksphere Locations Filter”)

  5. Add the following conditions

    • Add condition: 
      • Message body includes
      • Enter the name of the Office Location(s) you would like excluded. The name must match what that office is named in Worksphere.  If you are entering multiple names to exclude, hit "Enter" or "Return" after each one. 
    • Add another condition
  6. Add an action
    • Delete: you can choose to automatically delete these messages if you don’t want them stored 
    • Move to: you can create a folder to move these emails to if you would  like them to be saved but skip your inbox

  7. Click ‘Save”