Congratulations! Once your organization and offices are fully set up you can create in-office schedules. 

Who can Create Schedules? 

  • Admins can create, update, and delete schedules for all employees.
  • Managers can create, update, and delete schedules for any employees assigned to them (employees that have them listed as a manager).
  • Employees can create, update and delete schedules for themselves. They can opt-out of schedules that are created for them by someone else. 

Creating a Schedule (Employee View)

  1. Navigate to the Schedules Page.
  2. You can create a new schedule by clicking on "Create Schedule" at the top right or by clicking directly on the day you'd like to schedule in the calendar.
  3. Set a start and end date for your schedule. Schedules can be:
    • Single day (ex. Monday)
    • Multi-day (ex. Monday-Wednesday) 
    • Recurring (ex. Tuesdays and Thursdays every week). To set a recurring schedule, slide the toggle under "Recurring Schedule" to the right. 
    • If you'd like to set a multi-day schedule during one week that is not on sequential days, you can set up a recurring schedule with a start/end date as the first/last day of the schedule. 
  4. In the notes section, you can add notes about the schedule and any links. These notes will be in the schedule notification email. 
  5. You will see a green check mark next to your name if there is capacity in the office. 
  6. Click "Create" at top right. 

Creating a Schedule (Admin and Manager View)

  1. Follow steps 1-4 above.
  2. Under employees on the right, you'll see a drop down to select which individual employees, departments, or teams you would like to add to the schedule. Adding a team or department will add all of the employees assigned to that team or department.
  3. You can edit or delete people from the list of employees by hovering your mouse over their name and clicking the "X" at right (see below).

  4.  If there is capacity for the employees, you'll see a green check mark next to their names. If there isn't capacity in that employee's assigned zone, there will be a message alerting you to the fact that the employee has been reassigned to a flexible seating zone.
5. Click "Create" at the top right to create the schedule. Employees receive an automatic notification email that a schedule has been created for them. 


  • How do employees know if a manager or admin has created a schedule for them? Employees will receive an email notification when a schedule has been created for them. 
  • What happens if an employee changes their mind about coming in? Can they delete or opt out of their schedule? Yes, employees can delete or opt out of schedules that they've created, or opt out of ones that were created for them. If they opt out of a schedule that was created for them, the person who created that schedule (admin or manager) will receive a notification. 
  • Is it possible to delete or opt out of just one day of a recurring or schedule? Yes, from the calendar view open the schedule on the day that you'd like to delete or opt-out. Click delete or opt-out. A dialog box will open giving you the option to delete or opt out for that day or for the whole schedule.
  • Can I update which schedules I'm getting notified about? Yes, under Settings > Notifications you can adjust which schedules you are notified about.