Learn how to create a new organization in Worksphere 

How to set up your Organization

  1. Go to worksphere.com, start a free trial and signup.
  2. Enter the information requested in the Organization Setup page and click Next.
  3. On the Office Locations Setup page, enter the total number of office locations that will be using Worksphere globally and click Next. You can add, delete or modify organizations at any time in your dashboard.
  4. Enter the names of each office location on the Office Location Names Setup page and click Next. This should be the name that people in your organization use to refer to the office. It could be the name of a city, name of a building or a unique name you use. The office names will also appear in emails sent to employees about their schedules.


  • What is the limit to the number of offices that can be set up?  There is no limit.
  • Is there an additional charge for each office location? No, we charge by active users. There is no additional cost per location. 
  • Can I delete an organization? If you pause or cancel your subscription your account will be suspended and inaccessible to your employees. You can access all of your information again by adding a form of payment after your free trial, or renewing your subscription. 
  • Can I belong to or set up multiple organizations? Yes. You can belong to and set up multiple organizations. You can create a new organization by clicking again on Sign Up.
  • How can I switch between organizations? Once you belong to multiple organizations, you can switch between them from the user menu. Click on your user name in the top right, then click on 'Switch Organizations'.