This article describes how to enable the Worksphere Slack app for your organization. 

You must be a Worksphere admin for your organization to install the Slack app. This integration will:

  • Add an option to connect to the Worksphere Slack App to your Slack workspace for all employees
  • Sends notifications to employees who have added the App for wellness surveys and upcoming days in-office
  • Employees can turn these notifications on or off from inside Slack or Worksphere notifications.


  1. Go to your Settings page in Worksphere and navigate to the Integrations tab.

2. Click “Connect”. You will be directed to Slack to give Worksphere access to your workspace. Please see both options below for next steps.  

Option 1
If you do have permissions in Slack from your organization to add to Worksphere to your workspace, click “Allow” (see screenshot below).

Option 2
If you do not have permissions in Slack from your organization to add Worksphere to your workspace, submit a request to install to your Slack administrator (see screenshot below).

3. Once the app is connected, you’ll receive a message in Slack from the Worksphere app.

4. When a user is added to a schedule and hasn’t yet accepted or declined Slack messages, Worksphere will send a message in Slack to ask if they’d like to get notifications. They will not see the Slack app available in the sidebar until this point. 

5. Slack will send the notification for any employee that has opted in to Slack messages to take their survey, view or opt out of their schedule at the same time as your normally scheduled Survey Email and Reminder Email.

Example Notification Message

Example Reminder Message

6. To stop receiving notifications in Slack, employees can update their preferences in Slack or in Worksphere under Settings in the Notifications tab.