Learn how to view your seat location in your office,  or edit your schedule to change office or seat locations.

Watch this quick video for instructions

Viewing your seat

  1. Create a schedule to go into the office

  2. There are two ways to view your seat assignment on your schedule. You can also view which other employees are in office that day from the map by viewing their initials on "Reserved" seats. 

    • For existing schedules, you can access your seat from your dashboard or from any schedule edit page. On your dashboard, click the ‘Seat’ button on your Today/Tomorrow schedule to see your seat location. 
    • When creating a new schedule, click the ‘Seat’ link under your name to view the floorplan or view or change your seat assignment. 
    • Clicking on any seat marker will open up details about that seat, including seat assignment, zone, availability, and who is booked into that seat on today's schedule. 

Changing your seat location or office location

  1. Click "Seat" from any schedule. 
  2. Your seat will be indicated with a green marker. To select a different seat, tap on any seat that is available, indicated with a blue marker.
    Note: Your office location must have flexible desks enabled in order to change your seat. If your office location has no flexible desks, you will not be able to change your seat. 
  3. To change your office location or floor, select a different office or floor from the drop down at the top of the page, then select an available seat indicated with a blue marker.